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Tildas for a Friend

I have been busy making lots of cards over the past few weeks. When I went to photograph the finished products, I found that my camera had decided to give up the ghost. I know it is 4 years old and there are lots more on the market, both cheaper and with more advanced technology. … Continue reading Tildas for a Friend

Stems, Borders and Polka Dots

An interesting title don't you think? I wanted to make a batch of simple, yet eyecatching cards. The  first one uses the Poppin' Pastel technique which I have not used for quite a while. I had forgotten how easy it was. This is the Plum version. The next set was using my two new wheels … Continue reading Stems, Borders and Polka Dots

Happy Birthday Matthew

One of my nephews has just turned 14. In previous years, I have tried to use images of his presents on the card. This year, I thought I would try something completely different - including a new technique that the lovely Tanya showed us last week. Thanks again Tanya for the great workshop and lovely … Continue reading Happy Birthday Matthew