Stems, Borders and Polka Dots

An interesting title don’t you think? I wanted to make a batch of simple, yet eyecatching cards. The  first one uses the Poppin’ Pastel technique which I have not used for quite a while. I had forgotten how easy it was. This is the Plum version.

Sweet Stems Plum

The next set was using my two new wheels – Bella’s Border and Always in Bloom. I think they are very effective. I also tried a new technique for colouring the ribbon. With one hand [in a plastic bag to avoid getting totally covered in ink!], hold down the ribbon on an ink pad, then pull the ribbon through with the other hand. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the ribbon. The depth of colour will vary depending on how much pressure you apply.

Bella Border Cool Caribbean

Always in Bloom Soft Sky Lavender

The third set used Polka Dot Punches. I didn’t realise how versatile it was until I actually got the stamps out to make a card.

Polka Dot Punches

If you visit my general card gallery you will see the others I made along similar lines. Click on individual cards in the gallery to see the supplies used.

Thanks again for visiting and checking out our inspirations.


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