Sticky Notes and Calendar Easel Holders

Sorry for being missing in action. I was taking a well deserved break. Hopefully, my batteries are now fully recharged and I can return to regular posts.

It is coming down to the wire now. Do you have all your gifts, or are you still looking for some last minute ideas?


I have used retired DSP to make lots of these holders.


  • Take a piece of cardstock 18.5cm x 10.5cm (7½” x 4-1/8″).
  • Score at 8.5cm, 10cm, 14.25cm (3-3/8″, 4″, 5-3/4″) on the long side. Burnish all score lines.
  • Add a piece of DSP 10cm x 8cm (4″ x 3-1/8″) at the bottom [this will be under the sticky notes].
  • Take a piece of cardstock 1cm x 5cm (3/8″ x 2″). Roll around a pencil to shape it. Join the ends together to make a loop and attach the flat part of the loop onto the DSP.
  • Attach Sticky Notes [7.5cm (3″) square] so that they cover the loop for the pencil.
  • Fold the cardstock closed, and on the bottom of the top, add a piece of DSP 10cm x 3.75cm (4″ x 1½”).
  • Cut out a shape [oval, square, circle, or any die cut or punch] with matching cardstock, and attach the bottom half of the shape to the small DSP piece. You can also add DSP to the die cut / punch.
  • Attach small calendar with staples or brads.
  • Slip a small pen or pencil into the holder.

Contact me if you would like more information on how to put these together.



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