Team Meeting Shoe Box Swap

Last weekend, Madonna held a team meeting with a shoe box swap theme. Everyone had a great time making each other’s cards. I got some great new ideas for sketches, colours, techniques, and stamps. Thanks to Madonna, Michelle, Megan, Mandy, Kaylene, Kirsty, Ann MD, Anne E, Anne V, and Heather for a terrific day.

Here are my versions of the swaps.

Designed by Michelle, Ann, Heather, Kaylene
Designed by Megan, Anne V
Designed by Madoonna, Kirsty
Designed by Mandy, Anne E
My design – Quarter Fold Card


2 thoughts on “Team Meeting Shoe Box Swap

  1. Thanks Annette for sharing your super ideas with us all. My Mum was the lucky recipient of your amazing card and she loved it. I have already seen a little CASE of it she has made.Look forward to another catch up some time!!!



  2. Owww love it, wish I was there. You are so clever with the quarter fold card, I saw these card in the flesh from Shell O.
    Thanks for sharing
    Margy 🙂


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